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Medication, Test Results, Referrals and Records

Medication, Test Results, Referrals and Records

Will my doctor call in a prescription for me without being seen in the office?

There are a number of factors to consider such as if the prescription is new or a refill, how long it’s been since you were seen, if it is an ongoing problem or new symptoms. More often than not, the provider will want to see you to be sure you are receiving the right medication. These decisions are made based on what is in the best interest of the patient.

How do I get a refill on my medication?

For current medication refills please contact your pharmacy to check if there are refills available. If not, your pharmacy can contact our office directly or you may. Please allow 48 hours to process your request.


Some medications require a Prior Authorization in order for your insurance company to approve the medication. In the event that you need a Prior Authorization, please contact our office. We ask that you allow 48-72 hours for processing.


Refills will not be granted to patients who have not been seen in the clinic within the past 6 months. Patients requesting refills who have not been seen in over 6 months will need to schedule an appointment and be seen by a provider for any further refills.

Why do I have to come into pick up my controlled prescription at the office?

In accordance with California law, controlled substance prescriptions must be printed on tamper-resistant security paper. As such, these prescriptions cannot be sent electronically or over the phone, and must be hand-carried to your pharmacy of choice.

Can I get a same day appointment to get a refill on my medication?

It is the responsibility of the patient to order refills in a timely manner, and schedule appointments ahead of time. Same day appointments are reserved for those who have acute health concerns. However your may call the office after 10:30am to see if we have any available appointments.

How do I get lab/test results?

Your Provider will contact you directly if their findings are concerning.


Otherwise, upon Provider review, results will be posted to the Secure Patient Portal ( link here ) for patients with access.For patients without access, your Providers will mail you a letter informing you of your test results.

How does the referral process work?

Depending on your insurance, you may or may not require a “referral” to a specialist.


Patients covered under a “PPO” plan are generally allowed to see specialists without being seen by their primary physician.


Patients with an “HMO” plan generally require prior authorization for all specialist referrals.


Please allow a processing time for Referral Coordinators to submit and obtain approval. Once the referral is completed, the authorization will be mailed to the patient address on file.  The referral will provide information on which facility to see, the number of visits allowed, and the expiration date of the referral.

How do I request a referral to a specialist?

Patients requesting a referral may need to schedule an appointment to discuss referral options. If it is for a matter you have previously addressed with your Provider, the request may be granted without an office visit being required.

If I have forms/paperwork that needs to be completed by my Physician, what is the process to have them completed?

Should you or your child have paperwork that needs to be filled out, please drop the paperwork off with the front desk staff, and it will be given to your provider for completion. We ask that you allow up to a week (5 business days) for forms to be completed. You will be contacted when your forms are ready for pick up.


The fee schedule for forms is as follows:

  • EDD                                         $25.00
  • EDD Supplement                      $15.00
  • Jury Duty                                 $10.00
  • DMV Placard                           $10.00
  • FMLA                                       $25.00
  • FMLA Supplement                   $20.00
  • Medical Baseline (Edison)       $10.00
  • Pre-designation                       No Fee
How do I request Medical Records?

Patients wishing to request Medical Records to be sent either to another Provider or to have their Medical Records sent to Aspen Family Medicine and Geriatrics need to complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Record Information. The form may be obtain at office or may be (download here) .Records will be sent within 2-6 weeks at no charge.


Patients wishing to obtain a copy of their personal medical record may do so by completing the Authorization for Release of Medical Record Information form and submitting it to the office. There is a $25 fee for copying and preparing the information.

Patients coming to Aspen Family Medicine and Geriatrics from Kaiser will need to complete the Kaiser specific Medical Record Transfer form. (download here)